The Right result From The right SEO Step

Hitchhike? You do not know how such a holiday is going, but he is certainly adventurous. It does not cost you a penny and you have complete freedom. Only you never know if you arrive at your destination. And how long you do over it depends on that Polish truck driver.

This is how it works with search engine optimization. Without a strategy, you’ll stick to that gas station.

Why is an SEO strategy so important?

Because a plan ensures focus. Perhaps this is recognizable: you work on your website every night until 11 am. You read all the blogs from Backlink. You search for the best converting button colors for days. But if you look at your Google Stats after six months, you will see that you have not done something right. The process of learning SEO Strategy is important in this matter. You can prevent that with an SEO strategy.

How do I get to such an SEO strategy?

You first need to know what you want to achieve with your company. Do you want more visitors? Do you want to earn more? Which steps do you have to take for this?Only then can you think of SEO goals that will help you achieve the set goals.

Little theoretical?

Do those leads automatically?

No. You have to know who your target group is. Only when you have your target group in focus can you make informed decisions. For example: how you address your target audience on your website, and which keywords you should use to make people find you.

Do you not have your target group yet? Here are 9 questions that help you to get to know your target group.

Wait a little longer. You have to do one more thing.

Keyword research

In a keyword search you find out how your potential customers in Google call your product or service. And to write pieces about topics your target audience is looking for. And finally, if you have the taste, you can use them to adjust the structure of your entire website.

But is an SEO strategy no longer something for large companies?

No, it is not. An SEO strategy is important for every company.

The temptation is great just to do things. Write blog posts, do a keyword search and / or optimize your pages. That’s more fun than making a plan. But without a plan you can only hope that what you do also works.

Okay, so I have to write a thick report?

Not at all. Such a thick report does not read anyone.A good strategy is short and clear and fits one a4. If you need more text, your SEO strategy can be simpler. Let him lie down for a few days and think about it a bit longer.

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